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GEMS Education has high academic standards and innovative teaching, built around the traditional values of hard work

The Foundation Stage has its own dedicated teaching rooms as well as inside and outside teaching spaces. This ensures a safe, secure and supportive place for your child to grow, develop and learn in the care of professional and qualified nursery staff and teachers.

Full time teaching assistants help to ensure all children have excellent opportunities to access each activity and achieve their full potential.

The programme of the younger years corresponds very closely to Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum for England and aims to develop confident and inquisitive learners, who are ready to progress into Key Stage 2.

The school grounds have been carefully designed to provide a stimulating and safe environment. At break times all children have access to their own secure dedicated large areas of shaded playgrounds. Years 3 to 6 have access to the shaded garden and astro pitch areas with lots of space to release their energies to be ready to return to studies. An adventure playground stimulates the imagination of children from FS to Year 2.

The children visit many places of interest linked to the projects they are studying each term. Hands on experiential learning is a core component of the daily life for students in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

The amount of specialist teaching increases as children move through the Junior Department.

The children are form based with form teachers teaching most of the lessons in Years 3 & 4. Literacy and Numeracy lessons may be organized according to the student's abilities to ensure that individual needs are appropriately addressed.

At the same time, students are encouraged to develop a compassionate attitude to others, along with self-discipline and independence.

At GEMS WPS all children receive weekly Arabic and French. These are taught by specialist teachers and give children a valuable learning opportunity to develop their language skills.

ICT in GEMS WPS features Interactive White Boards in every classroom.