Admissions Process

How to begin your child's journey...

GEMS Wellington Primary School's admissions policy considers all children. Families are welcome to apply to GWPS regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender or religion. GWPS is a truly inclusive, international school.

Whenever possible we aim to interview every GWPS child and their parents prior to entry and each child must take an age related placement test to ensure that they are ready for the high quality education on offer at GWPS.

When considering placing a child within GWPS we consider the information provided by the child, parents, evidence from the previous school (school reports), the placement test and any other information that has been provided. We ensure that parents are informed within 1-2 working days after placement test.

Documents required for registration are as follows:

  • A copy of your child's passport plus UAE entry stamp and/or residency page;
  • A copy of both parent's / legal guardian's passports plus UAE entry stamp and/or residency page;
  • A copy of Emirates ID for child and both parents
  • 2 recent passport photographs (on photographic paper on white background please);
  • Copies of your child's last 2 school reports for all children entering Year 1 and above;
  • Transfer certificate
  • Full details of any special educational needs, individual education plans (IEPs) and  any Educational Psychologist's or other therapists reports available. It is essential that all educational history is presented to GWPS prior to a place being offered;
  • 2 copies of your child's birth certificate (residents of some countries must produce an attested copy);
  • Full details of all vaccinations and immunizations for your child;
  • Registration fee of AED 500 (non-refundable).

Please note that registration does not guarantee your child a place. Applicants to GWPS are advised to regularly contact the Registrar to discuss the status of their application.

Receiving an offer of a place at GEMS Wellington Primary School, Dubai will give you priority placement for Year 7 at GEMS Schools across Dubai.

Admission for September 2019 and 2020 - OPEN - Please register online to submit your enquiry.

The Admissions and Accounts Office in school will be open between 7:30am-4.00pm.


We offer guaranteed placements in our FS2 programme, after siblings, to students who complete a full academic year in the Little GEMS Emerald/FS1 programme. Students receive an offer after successfully completing the school’s admission process.

Please select the link below to start the enquiry process, for one of these guaranteed places in our school:

Little GEMS International School - Al Barsha


WPS Year 6 Priority to WEK Year 7

Students that complete Year 6 at GEMS Wellington Primary School will have guarantee placement at GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail after successfully completing the admission process.

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail recently made the decision to bring the school fees in line with those of GEMS Wellington International School. This was done in an effort to deliver greater consistency and cohesion across the Wellington family of schools. The fee structure at WEK is now as follows:



Year 7 - Year 9

74, 764

Year 10 - Year 11

84, 129

Year 12 - Year 13

85, 000