Our Vision

Our vision statement

Vision Statement

At Gems Wellington Primary School we will provide a safe learning community with high expectations for all our learners in every aspect of their school life. We are a reflective and evaluative school which will prepare learners for an ever evolving world. Our genuine commitment to our core values, and partnership with parents, will provide a world-class, active learning environment, inspiring learners to develop intellectually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically. 

رؤية المدرسة

في مدرسة جيمس ويلنجتون الابتدائية نقدم مجتمعاً تعليمياً آمناً مع توقعات عالية الجودة لجميع المتعلمين لدينا في كل جانب من جوانب الحياة المدرسية

نحن مدرسة مبدعة وتقييمية تعمل على إعداد الطلاب وتأهيلهم لعالم دائم التطور

التزامنا الحقيقي بقيمنا الأساسية والشراكة مع أولياء الأمور، يسمح للطالب بالاندماج في العالم الصفي الصغير. كما يحقق له بيئة تعليمية فعالة وملهمة تساعده على التطور فكريا وأكاديميا واجتماعيا وعاطفيا وجسديا


At GEMS Wellington Primary School we have a 'we care for each other' approach to all aspects of our excellent school provision.

Academic Care

High expectations and a culture of praise are central to the success of our pupils. We make no apology for expecting our students to do well and we take every opportunity to congratulate and reward them. To this end - and in partnership with parents – we develop pupils’ abilities, moral judgement, self-awareness, wider spiritual awareness, and sensitivity to the full, so that they will:

  • Realize their academic potential and excel to their full abilities
  • Achieve personal fulfilment through self-discipline and a drive for excellence
  • Acquire skills, knowledge and understanding for a rapidly changing world of work
  • Respect and value the achievements of others
  • Respond to others’ needs in the school, family and wider community

Educational Care

Strategic planning, focused intervention and rigorous monitoring and evaluation are key to a pupil's successful education. As an excellent primary school, we are a pivotal step between pre-school and senior school and by carefully tracking pupils' progress, enhancing our students’ social and emotional development and providing a comprehensive extra-curricular programme, we ensure that our students are optimally prepared for their next step to senior school. This includes:

  • All pupils baselined assessed upon entry to our school so that aspirational targets can be set and specific mileposts implemented to monitor progress
  • An experienced staff with the knowledge, understanding and compassion to ensure that each child receives the right education and makes the move to the right school
  • a broad range of extra-curricular and special interest school events to broaden every child's interests and experiences

Pastoral Care

Our school ethos is 'We care for each other.' For pupils to excel in their studies, it is vital that they possess a sense of security, belonging and confidence. Every member of staff is committed to working, in partnership with parents, towards achieving this aim:

  • An open-door policy means regular communications between home and school are strongly encouraged and have a positive effect upon children's happiness and progress
  • Excellent behaviour and high expectations of personal and social conduct prepare our children to become effective contributors in a GEMS global community
  • A ‘learning how we can be excellent learners’ skills programme is embedded throughout our curriculum, enabling children to learn as much about themselves as the world about them
  • Excellent links with a variety of Dubai multi-agency providers provides swift, effective and caring referral to support pupils' academic, social and emotional development