School Facilities

School Facilities


The right learning environment is a key to the success of GEMS WPS and each spacious classroom is light and well resourced. ICT resources are readily available and well integrated within each classroom offering excellent levels of communication for teachers.

The Library

The well stocked library has an extensive range of books, materials and resources. The library features reading corners, study areas, spaces for groups of students and PC workstations which are readily available for children to access information on-line or from CDs and DVDs.

The Music Department

The four music rooms house an impressive collection of new instruments from around the world including percussion, orchestral instruments, keyboards and a variety of others, providing students with opportunities to expand their understanding and appreciation of music as well as practice their performance skills.

Art Room

The two Art rooms are the centre of all creative enterprise in the school and they house all the artefacts made by the students. The main Art room is a large well equipped work area where students work with clay, thermo cole, and other material to create exquisite works of art.

Parent Areas and Meeting Rooms

A range of administrative areas caters to the needs of parents. These include areas for parents to meet and talk or to use as a comfortable place to wait when their children are taking part in activities.