What If Winner

Toleen Nouri, Year 6

What made you choose your topic for the speech?

I was inspired after I watched the Movie "Happy Feet". I felt really sorry at one point in the movie, when one of the penguins was choking with a six-pack bottle plastic holder. I discussed it with my mom, and I decided I wanted my speech to be meaningful when I address an issue that if solved, could save our environment and the creatures living in it.

How did you prepare yourself for the big day?

I had some help from my mom to prepare me for the What If speech.  I rehearsed a lot. I truly believe that practice makes perfect. And I put my heart in it because it's important that you believe in what you say rather than just memorizing a speech someone else wrote for you.

What did it feel like to win?

Winning made me feel so proud of my achievements and especially when I saw how proud my parents were of me. However, at the beginning my mom said,  “it isn't about winning when your family knows you’re a winner already - you must enjoy what you are doing otherwise you shouldn't do it! "

How do you think this competition helps children prepare for life at high school?

This helps children going to high school because it gives them confidence and experience, and a taste of a real life situation. Public speaking is a skill that every learner should obtain, not only to speak with confidence to others, but it also teaches us how to receive feedback with a positive attitude.

What advice would you give to next year’s Year 6 children for the What If competition?

The advice I would give to the future year 6 children would be that you must believe in your speech so that your message can be translated to others. Have fun performing the speech and be confident - you are amazing and nothing can change that! We must all be ourselves and speak it from the heart. Don't worry about winning just have fun and be happy.


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