Welcome message from the Founding Principal

Mr. Stephen J. Chynoweth


I am immensely proud of GEMS Wellington Primary School; it is an exceptional school. Every child has the right to a world class education.  Every child is an individual and must have their needs met. The children pass through this school only once – we have to get it right first time.

The children of our school are wonderful and special; they are the lifeblood of our school. They embody the aspirations of GEMS Wellington Primary School as enthusiastic, charismatic, charming young people with an appetite for learning and thirst for knowledge. We know that children who are happy and secure in their learning environment are children who are more likely to achieve their potential.

GEMS Wellington Primary School places GEMS values at the core of our school's philosophy whilst preparing our children for a rapidly changing world. Delivering the British Curriculum to 3-11 year olds, our school focuses upon exceptionally high expectations, key skills, knowledge and understanding of the British Curriculum as well as encouraging excellent attitudes to learning and metacognition.

We place great value in our working partnership with parents. Integral to your child’s successful learning is the partnership between home and school in the pursuit of excellence. All our staff strive to create a climate of learning with strong, open and positive partnerships between adults, children and the wider community that ensures the well-being of all.

At GEMS Wellington Primary School we recognise the uniqueness of each child through a programme of learning that promotes challenge and personalised education at all levels. Our excellent standards in both learning and teaching create a learning curriculum that is relevant, rich and rewarding. Through this, we encourage creative and critical thinking alongside stimulating and meaningful experiences, leading to: fun and excitement; awe and wonder. Our curriculum celebrates the diversity within our school and equips our children with the skills and attributes required to become active citizens in a global community.  

We continually aim to provide an inclusive, enabling environment which empowers all children to achieve. The school’s personalised approach to learning embraces and responds to diversity in individual learning styles and provides children with the skills, competence and attitudes for their future. The well-being of our children is paramount and we place great emphasis on building high quality personal and social skills, which have such a positive impact upon standards of achievement and attitudes to learning.

Our extra-curricular provision is outstanding. We provide a comprehensive sport, cultural and performing arts programme beyond the school day as well as access to holiday camps, residential trips and participate in local events.

The school’s generous facilities provide a vibrant, supportive and creative learning environment that encourages challenge, curiosity and choice for all.

The GEMS Wellington Primary School is a special place to learn focused on one principle aim: to provide the best possible learning experience for all. I look forward to sharing that experience with you and your family.


Stephen J. Chynoweth

Principal/ CEO

GEMS Wellington Primary School